Meet the band

We’re an Americana/roots/modern bluegrass/play what we like the way we like it band. We were born in the Shenandoah Valley in 2015, when Craig Landes, Walter Grooms, Joel Geisert and Jeff Patterson bonded over their shared love of bluegrass harmonies, blues riffs and rock rhythms. They didn’t know of any band they could join that combined all those sounds, so they decided they’d better start one. 

In 2016, the story diverges. The guys say they felt the need to add a vocalist, so they invited Sarah Butzen to join. Sarah says they needed someone who didn’t play any instruments, to keep them grounded. Maybe also someone who could sing even higher than Walter.

In 2019, Walter decided to pursue other interests and Bob Lunger joined the group adding his vocals, instrumentals and creativity to the mix. 

We’ve played a number of local venues, including the Port Republic Artisans Fair, the Valley Pike Farm Market, and the Staunton Performing Arts Festival. But mainly we play and sing because we love it. We feel lucky beyond imagining to have found people who love hearing us.

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